Welcome to JV Trucking Wood Products

We focus on providing the highest quality wood shavings and delivering them to you, the customer, at the best possible price and excellent delivery time. Our goal is to supply our customers with wood shavings that give them the best value for their money.

Wood shaving products primary uses are for animal bedding and boiler fuel. Bulk wood shavings are sold in semi load or straight truck load quantities and are available for delivery or pickup.

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Our products are not bagged products, we deliver by the truck load, we provide shaving product by the yard, the smallest truck load we provide as of now is 80 yards, our stock is per demand bases, by doing so we ensure a fresh product all the time.
JV Trucking Services
We offer the following services to the northern region of California
  1. Flat fee Fleet Services
  2. Landscaping hauling services
  3. Shavings Reseler Services

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